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Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Flash Game Review: Give Up Robot!

Give Up, Robot

WARNING! Achtung!: Do NOT play this game if you suffer from epilepsy or any condition brought on by flashing lights. Also, may cause migranes.

Give Up, Robot is a game created for Adult Swim bu-sorry, [Adult Swim], but in this case is hosted by BubbleBox. You play as this little robot who was to jump and swing his way through 50 levels of death and doom.
Now the first thing you do is, as always, turn off the music. Sound effects.... eh, optional. This time, however, it isn't because you'll play better, but because the music is so bad. It's just horrible. The only sound effects there are are when you die theres a little crash, and the lovechild of Glados and Microsoft Sam jeering you inaudibly.

As with any game, the levels get progressively harder as you go along. How hard? Well, I honestly couldn't tell you about the last ten, I only got as far as level 40. Well, thats your score to beat for today.

The goddamn music!!! SERIOUSLY!!! AGH!.... moving on. If your internet connection is in anyway a bit laggy, you will struggle. Make sure to play it in a well lit room. While doing my usual mid-review procrastination, I decided to play the game to see if I could finish it. And now I have a severe headache. Now Im prone to headaches now and then, but this game doesn't go well with darkness.
Besides those issues? Well, you are timed, which I suppose goes towards your highscore, and there's no pause button... Even that's not the main reason for the pause button. The main reason is that the only way to get back into the main menu is to refresh the page. Did I mention that the only way to mute the music is in the main menu?
The controls are a little off. If you're the slightest bit off with the grappling (you have a grappling hook.... why not?) you miss completely. The controls after a jump are poor, which can sometimes be very good for you, often not.

Conclusion + Tips

Although there are many problems (the music, the music and... oh, THE MUSIC!), this game is rather enjoyable. As all the games here, a decent time waster, but for once, the cons seem to outway the pros. There is no repeat value, if you can have repeat value on a free flash game.
Tips? Play this once. Maybe twice. Move on.


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