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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Flash Game Review: Sport Double Feature

Yes! This time it's a sports double feature! Top Spinner T/20 (Cricket) and Pinch Hitter 3 (Baseball).

Top Spinner T/20

Hosted by Mousebreaker, is a flash game based (loosely) on the Twenty/20 form of Cricket. It requires the player to move the mouse to hit the ball that's automatically bowled into certain zones to score. These zones are numbered, and if you hit a ball into this zone, you score runs equal to the number labelled. This is seen here
If you hit it into the yellow & black zones, you will be given out. If the ball hits your stumps (the stick behind him), you're also out.

There are 12 teams to choose from

Of course, all you'll want is Ireland. Now to the gameplay. Your goal is to achieve a given score within 20 balls. It starts out on 20 (to score), and gets progressively harder, with the final, 7th level, being to score 2.5 a ball (80). As you go on, it adds your scores from over that perticular game and gives you a highscore. Try to beat my best of 355.

While it's good fun, there are some problems. If you get to the final, and win, your score isn't recorded on the high-score table, and it isn't shown to you. Instead, you get a weird score of 01234.
Invisible blocks: The bowling sometimes randomly bounces in mid-air. Thankfully, even if it bounces straight into the wicket zone, and you havent hit it, it doesn't give you out.
Scoring: Sometimes, randomly, it doesn't recognise a score, as if you havent hit the ball. Also, it sometimes makes the noise that you've scored, but it doesn't add it to the counter.
Bowling: A slower ball just stops, out of your range.

Conclusions + Tips
Really good game. Honestly, this made me dump the Meet Dave review. This is, yes, a time-waster, but you end up saying "oh, my team is near the top.... Gotta get to the top!!!". The physics, I can tell you from personal experience, is.... a bit off, but it's not really that annoying. Tip for the future: Turn off the sound. With it, I score maybe 140. Without it... highscore of 355 for you to beat.

Pinch Hitter 3

Hosted, again, by Mousebreaker. Rather obviously, this is the third game in the "Pinch Hitter" franchise. Pinch Hitter 3 departs hugely from the formula of the previous games, in that instead of achieving certain goals under certain conditions to possibly achieve a high score like you did in the first 2, in Pinch Hitter 3 you actually play Baseball! You start off in a backyard league, then to the minors and finally, to the majors.
*Note: the first 2
pics are taken from Pinch Hitters 1+2. Backgrounds remained unchanged in 3.

Batting remains unchanged from previous games. As might be visible above, where the bat is aiming is shown by a transparent bat. You can move this up and down, and make the batsman-sorry, batter, move back and forth with the mouse. The ball is bowled-thrown, automatically. To swing, click the left mouse-key. There are 4 results of this:
1) You hit the ball for a single. To run, you must click the mouse every second. This is shown in game. As you progress in leagues, the timer introduced for the street league disappears.
2) You hit the ball for a double. To do this, your shot must hit whatever boundary there is. Running is automatic. This isn't possible in the street league.
3) You hit a home-run. This is fairly obvious.
4) You are given out by: Getting 3 strikes, being caught out, being run or ground out.
You will always be batter number 2. Without fail.

A new feature introduced in Pinch Hitter 3. When the opposition is batting, you will sometimes be told to catch the ball. Don't worry, it wont carry on without you, a button press is necessary to move onto the next screen. To catch the ball, you must move the player to the ball and press the left mouse key to catch. Timing is imperitive! If you immediately press the button to catch and then move to the ball it wont work!

Running As mentioned above, running is a new feature introuced in Pinch Hitter 3. Only used when a single has been hit, you must click the left mouse key in time with a pendulum (every second, basically). The pendulum is only visible in the street league. The speed your character is running at is shown also. 11mph is usually enough to get you there safely.

Other Gameplay
The form of the game has changed for Pinch Hitter 3. It is now an actual baseball game. You join a team. That team's in a league. If you win or are best runner up, you go into the playoffs. Then to the conference final. That's it really.
While not personally batting or fielding, there is a screen that shows the scores, what's happening currently and the bases.

There are quite a few. While batting, it sometimes skips batter 1, and it frequently only gives you 2 outs instead of 3. Although I've only experienced it once or twice, and only in the backyard leagues, it is clearly a homerun (the ball is so high it's off screen) but it doesn't give it. Worst thing is is that the one time it did happen, the fielder caught it. If, for any reason, the window/tab with the game is closed, the game counts a loss for you. Perticularly costly if, like me, you were in the conference final. Oh, and say you win the final with the Toronto Blue Jays. You are not allowed stay there. You must move team. There is no option to stay where you are. Really annoying when theres less pay... oh, and the pay is basically another part of your high-score, if you were wondering. When catching, or attempting to, sometimes where your mouse cursor needs to be to be in range of a flyball is off screen, so when you click nothing happens.
On the other side, when you go to another window/tab/program/whatever, the game pauses, and continues when you click back on the window/tab with Pinch Hitter 3. Nice touch!

Conclusion + Tips
A fairly solid time-waster. A bloody long-lifed one anyways. A much better game than the previous two. There are problems galore, and these are noticeable, but after a while, you forget to care. I'd almost put a NSFW tag on both these games because of their huge addictablility factor and their nature as time-wasters.
Tips for this game... well, for batting, have the bat so that the transparent bat covers the track and the green field. Have only a tiny bit on the track. If a ball is pitched here, it's going for a home run.


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