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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Flash Game Review: Stunt Master

As this being the first episode out of a likely many, I will point out that the majority of these games will come from the websites Bubblebox and AddictingGames

Also a bit of back info. I spend WAAAAY too much time on the internet, usually because Im bored. Then Im bored from my attempt to escape the mundane. So I play some flash games. Anything really (I take requests and suggestions).

So onto today's random flash game, Stunt Master!

Stunt Master is a simple game. Get to the finish alive, using the 3 modes of transport:

Car Motor-bike annnnd walking...huh

As of writing, only 17 of the (it seems) 20 levels are available to play.

In levels 3, 7, 10, 11, 12, 16 +17 you cannot use the man. And since the car sucks b**ls the majority of the time, you'll find yourself resorting to the bike time and again.

Another tip I'd give you is to never restart too early. You know that block that throws you off your bike? Well if you waited you would've been hurled towards a catapult that inturn would've thrown you through several panes of glass, into some purple barrels and to the end in a bloody mess. (Note: There is no "blood" so to speak. Your little cartoon man just turns red)

I should also note the "achievements" in the game. They're "side" objectives, if you will. Most of them are straight forward. Here's a brief list of the ones you'll come across (note: they re-use the same ones over and over)

My First Window- Break 1 window
In the Saddle- Cross finish line as biker
Slider- Slide for more than 10 meters
Flying Man- Fly for 10 meters
Totally Bloody- Every part of your body injured at once
Acrobat- Stuntman cartwheels end over end twice
Bonus Lover- Hit 3 bonus targets in level
Defenestrator- Smash 7 windows
Car Flip- Flip your car
Barrel Basher- Knock over 5 barrels
Bike Flip- Flip your bike
Goin' Vertical- Achieved vertical height of 5 meters
Human Blender- Hit the Helicopter
Exploder- Trigger 5 explosions in a level
At the Wheel- Driver crosses finish in a car
Triple Stunt King- All Vehicles Used
Stairmaster- Fall down staris
Max Damage- Caused over 10,000 points of damage in a level

Note: The people who made this game seemed to confuse "meters" with "metres" so all spelling mistakes above are theirs

The achievement system does work, as it makes you want to play again, but some of them are impossible to get, well, impossible to do on purpose!

Seriously, you win most of the more difficult ones (totally bloody) by complete randomness.

Now to the overall scores.

Graphics/Animation: 9/14- Good. Nothing spectacular.

Controlls: 10/14- Quite good. Jumping mechanics on man/wheelie mechanics not too good.

Level design: 9/14- Good, although there were some levels where your head would be randomly blown off Final Destination style

Enjoyability: 8/14- Its fun, don't get me wrong, but I've played much better flash games

Replay-value: 7/14- Those pesky achievements will have you coming back. After that though, theres not much else.


A decent time waster. Not much more than that

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