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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wrong Wrong Wrong Ep1: Fifa 11

This is an article where I highlight what is wrong or badly done in any perticular thing and only that. This time, it's Fifa11.

The Referee and his Assistants
There are several things wrong here.
Offside: Everytime the linesman is so exact. I mean, there's so little between striker and defender that, to the naked eye, it looks like he's perfectly onside. The actual linesman himself is on the half-way line, yet he can spot something so close without hesitation from a mile away. Tbh, that's not the problem. The problem is that if there's a player somewhere on the pitch offside and the ball is hit in his general direction, offside, free-kick. It's probably not as bad as I'm saying, but this happens a lot. Un-neccessary stops for offside interrupt the rythm and pace of the game.
Advantage: "Advantage played". Usually a good thing. Not when you're in the penalty area, after a blistering run and you're struck down by the opposition unfairly, and the referee plays advantage. Please give me my penalty. Also, Advantage goes away way too quickly. I got a free today outside the box, and advantage was given. Ran to the line, advantage over. Tackled and it was over. "*ahem* I believe I was owed a free kick. No? Oh, must be my imagination." The language I used was a little bit "less-parliamentary".
Fouls: This can be fun, and rage-inspiring. You can litterally foul anyone and get away with it. Playing a game against the computer today. Was in on goal, just inside the box when a defender dived head first into my legs. "Fair challenge". Later on I was in on goal, just me, the keeper and a chasing defender. When about to shoot, the defender lunges in from behind (with his legs this time) and takes me out with a 2 footed challenge & getting none of the ball. Now those who know football know that this is a Red Card offense. He was given a warning.... The fun part, by the way, is when the ball is at the other end of the pitch, you can tackle a random defender who doesn't have the ball and have no trouble. The one time the referee called it, I thought "oh shit oh shit red card time". A warning. For a tackle on a player without the ball. Miles away from it infact.

While not "technically" cutscenes, these little cutscenes when the ball goes out of play, you know, they follow these random footballers and show team stats on screen or whatever. There's 2 problems with this.
Unskipable: They are unskipable. Why? Fifa99 didn't need loading screens, why should this?!?
Glitchy: Very often the sceen is void of players, and then suddenly they appear. Random. Actually, this brings me to another overall point.

Oh why are there any glitches here. You might say that having to bring a game out every year is tough, but really, they don't need to do that much. Not belittling their hard work on making these really fun games, but they don't build a game from scratch each year. Anyways, here are some I've noticed. (add the aforementioned "Cutscenes" glitch)
Commentators: They've never been perfect, but by god are they bad here. Not the commentators themselves, neccessarily, but what they say and when they say it. I was playing as Bayern Munich against Arsenal the other day and for the entire game they were talking about
Hull and West Brom. And everytime I scored they said "ah another own goal" when they clearly werent.
The Arena: Minor. Players disappear completely in the arena.
Club Badges: Some disappear randomly. The World XI's (Rest of World) crest just has a plain grey crest and "insert placeholder here" or something along those lines.
Career mode: When advancing, it sometimes freezes on a random date when nothing is happening.

Things that just bug the shit out of me. And there are many, excluding the previously mentioned ones.
Celebrations: I'll have scored a lovely goal and think "this goal deserves a funky robot" *presses buttons* He starts to do it, then a teammate runs in and interrupts the robot mid-dance. This happens every fucking time. WHY can't they just wait? I mean, Fifa added all these celebrations, yet added a feature that you can't really do them. If you run away from the goal, you generally run out of time. This can be a good thing as it motivates you to score again so you can finish the celebration.
Passing: Why w-w-w-why? Why is this so bad. This depends on game-to-game, but generally, the passing sucks. It's mainly where and to who does the AI think you want it to go. To the guy open in the middle or the guy on the opposite side of the pitch who's double marked and has a broken leg. Clearly the latter, right?
Penalties: I hate these so much. Now I didn't get the 2010 WC Game (which i'll probably rectify soon) so this was my first experience with the new system. Why, yet again, is the only question. It doesn't make it more realistic, it doesn't make it funner, it doesn't even it up in anyway. To be honest, the saving is worse. I dived the right way for a penalty, but he overdived and it hit his knee (approx). It just went straight through him. WTF? Onto the shooting. I have done this in practice with and without the target, and it's relatively easy. In a match, impossible. When playing with a mate we always offer the loser, in the last minute/2, if they want to do penalties (the guy has already won the game, this is like an extra, separate game). Now, it's "who scores first (or at all) wins". I have to admit, the composure meature was a good idea, but the targeting system is waaaaaay off.
Computer AI: The computer is a team of Pele's, on any team and on any difficulty. They know what you're going to do before you do it.
Team selection: The preset roster has Messi in the reserves for Barca. Need I say more?

Well, that's it. It's a fun game to play with friends, but this year seemed very very rushed.

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