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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me

Right so. This post will (hopefully) be straight to the point. Succinct.
We moan when the world's inertia seems to be concentrated solely upon our shoulders, when everything is just inexplicably wrong; don't we? I do. Overwhelming challenges are presented to us that are at times direly daunting. However, do we really have it THAT bad?

This little bird (I captured earlier) hobbled about a shop entrance for warmth and a chance to pounce on any scraps of disposed food. We're nearing the end of January, it's bitterly cold. Something tells me the Arctic-like snap we faced before Christmas isn't fully over. Anyways, Mr/Mrs Bird should be with fellow migrating fowl somewhere warm and tropical.

So when the going gets tough think of this little guy who just couldn't get going. 'LEG'-END.


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