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Saturday, February 5, 2011

N64 Goldeneye and George Hook?

Taking a trip down memory lane with Goldeneye on the Project64 emulator. The music is still delightfully psychedelic from what I can remember and the triangular Russians stand testament to how far graphics have come in the past decade. The fact that you could pause in real-time and simultaneously check your in-game watch, scratch your head and adjust your inventory all whilst taking bullets to the head was brilliant. I sound like George Hook going on about how revolutionary Sky+ is. Wow! You're out changing the cat nip and all of a sudden you've become king of multi-tasking just because you can pause the live showing of "Strictly Come Dancing"?
*Handchop* to the face, you over-sized bag of wrinkles. JK love you big guy (said in a raspy, puffing voice)

Dropping into toilets and leaving the arms facility looking like an abattoir was definitely a highlight. That, and being hunted down by slightly annoyed Soviets down a run-down airstrip in the middle of nowhere. The game was apparently notorious for being politically incorrect- go, figure.

Point is, so what? It doesn't have to make sense, it was gaming suited to YOU at its best. That's what my five-year old self loved about it.

Hilarious parody.
"Fabulous, I have fallen in laaave":

Childhood addiction:

Shoddy graphics by the folks at Rare:

Go on, re-kindle that childhood passion (although you'll need a good video card and RAM in excess of 128MB) :
Google the ROM.



  1. I had a feeling you'd enjoy the toilet bit alright

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