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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Putrid Teen's Guide to the Upcoming General Elections

It's election time. I tend to not bother with my letter-box at this time of year. I try in vain to clear out the endless election leaflets, only to find that the box has miraculously replenished itself with more...leaflets. "Why?", you may ask. The letters TD, feigned faces of sincerity on canditate placards and my cynicism are all factors which steer me away from Dáil matters. And, I must admit, my ignorance. Some friends of mine plan on voting for the first time in the impending election. The new experience of voting coupled with residential constituent constraints inspire this sudden interest I'm told. Here goes my two cents:

Calling all game theorists, economic pundits and students! Restore the ancient title of "The Land of Saints and Scholars" to a country lost in grievance over the Celtic Tiger; the Golden Calf that we milked till' the cows literally went home. Now that that Bengal's gone, ghost-like concrete jungles lay deserted across the country, our economy in tatters and the finger is pointed at centrist party Fianna Fáil which recently dissolved Dail Eireann in stoical fashion. The Wall Street Journal calls it the "biggest shakeup of Ireland’s political landscape in modern history.”

Party: Fianna Fail (Left)

Leader: Micheál Martin

Aim: Real plan, better future.

Party: Labour (Centre-Left)

Leader: Éamon Gilmore

Aim: Jobs, Reform and Fairness

"Labour's vision is the vision of One Ireland. Where we are driven by what unites us, not what divides us - Le Chéile"

And fair dues to them for not falling into the 'cyber-hip' pitfall that Fine Gael so painstakingly did on Valentines Day. No I do not want to donate my Facebook status, thank you very much. Instead, Labour embraces the powerful capabilities of web campaigning and offers a more personal and private canvass message.

Party: Fine Gael (Right)

Leader: Enda Kenny

Aim: Change, Stability and Jobs

"To bring changes that will manage the economy, deliver value for money public services, create opportunities for employment and ensure people feel secure as they get older." Serious contenders for FF seats as polls already tell and continue to do so.

Party: Green Party (Left)

Leader: John Gormley

Aim: Equality, Energy and Jobs

Party: Sinn Féin (Left)

Leader: Gerry Adams

Aim: Little guy > EU +IMF. Jobs, Health & Education

Friday 25 February 2011.


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