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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Read This!

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers

Have you ever felt the sensation of being lost within nonsense? Puzzled by the quacks? That random tedious conundrum still racking your brain, eh? Make sure you get your hands on prolific writer and cynic Dr. Ben Goldacre's 'Bad Science'. Whether you are or aren't into science is regardless, you can rest assured it will make for a refreshing read.

There's a certain, distinctive panache to Goldacre's writing that will undoubtedly leave you with a Doubting Thomas' mindset with regard to everything you see, hear and read around you afterwards. 

What's more is Goldacre holistically dispenses fast and powerful relief from:
  • scaremongering journalists
  • pill-pushing nutrionists
  • flaky statistics
  • dodgy PR reps and pharmaceutical corporations
Be baffled by rushed responses and wild hand-waving, no more. Always voice your opinion; who knows, perhaps that fancy pants Prof. with a PhD has got it horribly wrong? -albeit highly unlikely. Having said that, it's back to the drawing board with so-called 'Dr.' Gillian McKeith and her mail-order degree. 

Feed your inner-skeptic, question absolutely everything (even my blog posts) and above all ARGUE. Excuse my preacher-esque spiel, but with today's generation being constantly fed with 'scientific facts' from tabloid journalists with nothing beyond the realm of kitchen science to their academia, there's frankly quite a lot to be worried about.

I got the book for a well-spent 10 at Vibes & Scribes on Bridge Street (stock an awesome music selection upstairs) and it's available from 'all good book shops' too. I've always wanted to say that... Anyways, if strapped for cash you can borrow it from the City library:

Be sure to check out Dr. Goldacre's daily blog as well over at:   
Twitter: @bengoldacre!/bengoldacre 

Nothin' like debunking some whimsical nonsense.


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