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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Late Skate

So, I went to a production of Sean O'Casey's 'The Plough and the Stars' that a few friends were involved in last month. I was very impressed to say the least! Here are some photos of a quick sesh on the Mardyke Road. The quality is terrible, I know. It was late, I'm dressed in dark clothing, the iPhone's night-mode is poor and sodium lamps and passing headlamps didn't do much justice. Thanks to @jealfak for his patience and photographic skills. 

'Me Whee!'
Did you get that?
Will: Ugh...yes.

Feet are all wrong


Mongo Monkey

 Ended up completely destroying the board afterwards. Just wasn't built for insane popping. Moral of THAT story: Never buy mass-produced rubbish from Argos or Smyths. (The wheels just decided to fall off) For any skaters reading this, getting a friend to tape you as you skate is extremely handy. You can see what you're doing wrong, right, etc. and learn from it. Also, I'm not wearing safety gear and I'm skating next to a road with moving traffic on it. Please do NOT do that, unless you really, really want to...

Will try and get some more skate pics when I head off to Sudan.


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