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Sunday, July 17, 2011

RE: Share your experience with UCAS

Customary email and password combination entry. Check. 
Bewildering array of banner advertising coupled with social networking updates. Spot on.
Seizure inducing .GIF announcing, 'You've won an iPhone!' Standard procedure.
Nigerian Spam scam involving a friend in dire need and/or a monetary inheritance. Very original.

Skimming down through the flotsam and jetsam slowly accumulating in my inbox, an email catches my eye. It's from UCAS. Subject: 'RE: Share your experience with UCAS'.

Here's my condensed overview of the UCAS experience:
  • Researched courses, scoured prospectuses.
  • Drafted, edited and trimmed a Personal Statement (PS). Tedious.
  • Gratefully rallied my PS back and forth to an easy-going teacher. Tennis.
  • United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). Nice little computerized test in a not so nice location.
  • Frantically submitted four strategic university choices before October deadline. Geography.
  • Played the waiting game. Number crunching for BMAT keeping me occupied.
  • BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). Rigorous written test required by Oxbridge, UCL and Imperial. 
  • Again, I played the waiting game. Anxiety setting in at this stage…
  • GAME OVER: Interview offer from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Christmas present.
  • Booked cheapest, no-frills, return flight to Stansted, LDN. Aer Arann, no doubt.
  • Eerily boarded first flight to take off the tarmac since Manx2 Belfast - Cork tragedy. Spooky.
  • Challenging interview. Winding icy lanes and Romanesque architecture. Beautiful place.
  • King's College London conditional offer arrives! Insurance.
  • St. Andrews interview invitation! Bad timing; mocks & personal reasons.
  • Rejection from Uni. of Bristol w/o interview. Considering its lax entry requirements, tad surprised.
  • Accepted offers and 'firmed' my no.1 choice. Insurance offers used as scapegoats.
  • Tore through thick envelopes concerning finance and accommodation rigmarole. S'all sinking in!
  • Shared my experience with fellow prospective Undergrads and 'Freshers' over online student forums. TSR & NMMed.

That, was my experience with UCAS.

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