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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Casting Call For A Music Podcast!

(The following post is formed by several tweets, unedited (except combining them into one cohesive block), from the 8th of July. …So this idea IS feasible. [So for those interested, listen up to the next few tweets]. Btw this idea, whether I use it or not, is mine, you cannot “borrow” it. It’s not a complex, wonderful idea and it’s not groundbreaking. This does sound a tad harsh, but fuck it. Anyway, the idea is a music review show where we look at a random number on a chart somewhere in the world, then compare it to the US & UK charts, review the songs, compare and decide which is better etc. I was going to call it “Around the World”. The fun is that it isn’t always about the Number One, or at least about a few numbers (i.e. Number 14 on the pop charts) I’m basically having an open audition for this. What I want you to do is if you’re interested, contact me on Twitter. Not here, Twitter (Tumblr is basically the place I go to post longer things, like this). Just tweet @theCircleGuy saying you are interested, and post an example of your work. Not checking for wonderful talent or unending knowledge, but voice! I only want to hear your voice to see if you’re suitable for the role! (Unless I find someone better) I’ll be hosting, with up to 3 panelists. Musical knowledge is not needed. All that’s required is (besides the ability to use Skype, a suitable mic etc.) that you have the ability to listen to music, as randomness and on-the-spot critique is desired! Any more details needed? Feel free to contact me SOMEWHERE. ANYWHERE BUT HERE… actually, only on Twitter, k? :3

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