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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Droaning, foreboding the threat looms
In our hearts apathy, myopic eyes veiled by
Ventriloquist-like political puppeteers
Indecision, an age old pendulum
Swinging with flagrant relentlessness
It is our nation tarnished by Red Coat, cut-throats
Our country reduced to a paltry fraction
Numerator, denominator or unity - choose one
So with that I say; what is North without South, night without day?

In a nutshell? My disenchantment with the current political turmoil in Sudan as the threat of full-scale division is on the cards for a referendum scheduled for the 9th of January, 2011. This is strikingly similar to the Irish dilemma of 1922 or any other Crown (or Non Crown) owned colony for that matter. In my opinion, the current coalition should heed the advice of history's caveats and avoid further bloodshed at all costs. However, political analysts and Western diplomats say the writing is on the wall in indelible ink - violence is inevitable...pretty much. As was the case with hmm Korea, Ireland and Vietnam to name a few.



  1. I always tend to liken Ireland to Palestine during WW2, so I suppose I'll liken it to Sudan aswell. Great post!

  2. Oh yeah! PLO,IRA! I see it now.
    Nice waaan :P