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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bored On Board

Blue Haze. Dawn 06:15
Over Amsterdam

A pilot's voice is heard crackling through the on-board radio.
In a feigned American-English accent he reassures us passengers in a suave yet amusing manner that we would certainly land on time. Wishful thinking. The customary seat- belt sign is turned off. We are now "free" to roam about. Already nestled in my chair, I don't bother with the sudden barrage to the lavatory. My attention quickly shifts to the 'sung' heroes of any flight - kids. Let's not forget the screaming children who rightfully whine as their ickle Eustachian tubes adjust to the changes in cabin pressure. They truly make a flight, a flight. It might sound far- fetched but on a plane you spend a lot of time staring at the back of people's heads. They sadly become your new found acquaintance over the long haul journey. Whatever you do however DO NOT pat the head. Resist the urge, Self control. Frizzy heads, bald heads, perms, the works! In the midst of all of this gazing a fierce nudging contest subconciously unfolds with your neighbour over the armrest in between you and said neighbour. Who would become rightful owner? (and why didn't manufacturers think this one through?) You'd swear we were fighting over the Gaza Strip. A nearby whistleblower informs the closest stewardess who, donning an ironic blue beret initiates peace keeping between us. I cajolingly tell her that Ban Ki Moon would be proud to which she replied in half Dutch/half mutter.. Afterwards, it turned out my neighbour was a cool jazz player en route to Cincinatti. This much, I learned from small-talk. Anyways I'm about to tune into this on board entertainment centre gizmo/ thingy majig..


P.S I won the armrest in the end just in case you were wondering!

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    This song makes me want to go out and buy a xylophone. Too slick!