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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Silence of the Night

Silence of the Night
is different to that of the day
it lays uninterrupted
By sounds of nature.
It is eerie & un-ending,
The dark lonely silence

On and on it goes
Until dawn's chorus rings out
Ending the tyranny the night held
At least,
for another day...

A day has past,
the sun now retreating
from the creeping black horde.
Once again
night falls
And with it
the silence of the night returns

Once again, it appears,
to be lonely, unbroken silence.
it is different.
The silence itself
has become a sound
and as if great bells rang out
the night becomes
less lonely


  1. I've had that lying around for months, btw.

    And yeah, there you go that random guy!