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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Break-up of the Beatles (1967-1970)- Part 1

The Beatles bursted into the charts for the first time in late 1962 with "Love Me Do". Their music became synonymous with the youth of the era and it was the soundtrack that helped lift the post-war cultural depression. The 'Swinging Sixties' changed the social norms, but it's end (is often said) coincided with the very messy break-up of the group who started it all: The Beatles.
The cracks started to show in late 1967. The Beatles' long-time manager, Brian Epstein, died due to an overdose of sleeping pills on August 27th. Since the group's early days, Epstein had handled the financial and business side of the band. The now grief-stricken Beatles decided to manage themselves, with Paul (in particular) taking control. It was he who set the group's first project, a film called "Magical Mystery Tour".
Filming began on September 11th 1967, only 15 days after Epstein's death. Unlike their 2 previous attempts at cinema ('A Hard Days Night' & 'Help!' respectively), they directed the film themselves, mainly Paul. The film, which aired on Boxing Day (December 26th) on BBC1, bombed. The critics dubbed it a "psychedelic mess".

Next time, we'll move into the turbulent period that was the 'White Album' sessions.

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